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  This voltrx electric protein shaker bottle really stirred a mouthful of powder. I drink ketogenic meals 3-8 times a week instead of milkshakes. When I first tried to mix milk powder and milk by hand, there was only a mess left. It tastes good, but Dangdang is a mess. This vortex blender bottle can make a completely smooth and delicious mixture. No lumps. The bubbles are good. Unbelievable, and very easy to clean. Soon. The motor has high power and easy to use.

The rechargeable base and dry storage container make it very easy to carry anywhere, and the milkshake is ready.

  I bought this electric protein shaker bottle to consume non caking protein on the way home from the gym. No matter how many times I shake with a wire ball, there is still a lump in my drink. The only thing I notice is that you have to make sure your drink is not strong or troublesome.

I started using vegan protein. When the electric bottle is mixed with the recommended amount of water, the shaker bottle seems to slow down because the beverage will become too thick due to the strength of the protein shake blender. I added a little water and started working again. Electric shaker bottle can mix some charm. If there is no lid to stir, a layer of fog will really spray from the protein shake. This is my preference, because I like to add protein powder slowly to avoid caking again. It’s no big deal. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  Voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is a magic device! Easy to make protein milkshake. I even took electric shaker bottle to work for lunch. I can’t leave home without electric shaker bottle. Convenient charging and long-lasting battery. Powerful motors sometimes cause confusion. Be careful when adding powder to the cyclone. There may be splashes and splashes, but I like challenges! ha-ha. No more trembling. Press the button and watch the vortex cup run! Buy yourself an electric shaker machine. I hope this frank opinion can help others.