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  I gave this to my brother who exercises every day and drinks a protein milkshake. He has a cheap shaker, so I bought it for his birthday. He likes the electric shaker bottle and said that the electric protein shaker bottle can well mix a variety of different types of protein energy. He no longer needs chalk, tenacious protein shake! Electric shaker bottle also looks super cool! This is a great gift for anyone you know who loves exercise.

  I always have problems with cheap mixers and manual mixing, which leads to a small piece of protein mixture not mixed with my milk in my protein shake.

  Surprised to try this product, it was found that the water vortex generated by the electric shaker bottle helped to evenly distribute the protein mixture in the liquid. There is no protein mixture in any beverage.

  I’m surprised how effective the protein blender bottle is. If you follow the instructions to use the electric shaker bottle (liquid, then open, and then slowly pour in the powder), the electric shaker bottle works well and mixes well. No lumps or anything. I hope they can launch the mixxr product line, but it works.

  He needs a new bottle to mix the weight of his protein “thing” before and after. It was a great little gift for him, which he didn’t expect. Said the electric shaker bottle is very easy to use and clean. I hope he won’t leave the protein shaker cup somewhere and lose the electric shaker bottle.